No. 1 Radio School RAAF

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Brief History

The Radao School was formed on 4 Aug 1941 at RAAF Station Richmond, New South Wales, to train officers and airmen in the duties and techniques of radio location - known later as radar. The School was later renamed as Radar School, Richmond. Thc School was located in No. 5 Hangar, and the strength on formation was one pilot officer, one sergeant and one acting corporal as instrucllonal staff.

At formation, the School was attached to Headquarters, RAAF Station Richmond. By 8 August 1941 the School came under the command of No. 2 Training Group. The first course for radio mechanics began on 29 Jul 1941 with 24 airmen under instruction; the first radio location officer's course began on 4 Aug 1941 with six officers under instruction. On 5 Jan 1942, 23 airmen arrived from No. 3 School of Technical Training to undergo No. 1 Radio Operators Course. There were also American personnel in attendance at the School.

Other courses run by the school included radar operators, radar mechanics 'air' and 'ground', controllers, aircrew special radar, radar special 'air' and 'ground', filtcr, radar familiarisation, radar refresher, air·to-surface radar and bombing leaders radar courses.

On 1 Nov 1944 all training ceased until 11 November, when the school reopened at Maryborough. The Radar School was disbanded on 26 November 1945.



Content has come from Units of the Royal Australian Air Force - A Concise History - Volume 8 Training Units - Australian Government Publishing Service - 1995 page 79

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