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A cadet prepares for a solo training flight in a Westland Wapiti at No. 1 FTS, Point Cook, 1938
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No. 1 Flying Training School crest

Brief History

No. 1 Service Flying Training School was formed at Point Cook, Victoria, in May 1940 from l Flying Training School. The function of the School was to provide intermediate and advanced flying training for RAAF personnel as pilots, air observers and wireless air gunners, under the Empire Air Training Scheme. The School consisted initially of 1,118 personnel, who were to be involved in the training of some 15O pilots.

When the School was re-named a total of 52 aircraft were on strength, the types being: Avro Anson 5, Wapiti 12, Demon 7, De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth I, and Avro Trainer 27. By July 1941, there were 105 aircraft on strength. A variety of aircraft were used for training by 1 SFTS, but eventually the Oxford and Wirraway aircraft were used almost exclusively for training purposes. In the latter part of 1943, when training reached its peak, the hours then flown fluctuated between 3,500 and 8,350 per month. The number of trainees under instruction was 300, and a total establishment of 100 officers and 2,320 airmen. Prior to the closing down of 1 SFTS, 2,691 pupils had been successfully trained. The School was finally disbanded on 15 September 1944.

Unit Personnel


Individual Honours

  • 1 x Air Force Cross


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