No. 22 Repair & Salvage Unit RAAF

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23 Oct 1944 Noemfoor Island, Dutch New Guinea 22 Repair & Slavage Unit AWM photo OG213

Brief History

No. 22 Repair and Salvage Unit was formed at Weribee, Victoria, on 26 Apr 1943. The Un1t's first salvage operation occurred on 14 May 1943. A team proceeded to Lakes Entrance, Victorta, to salvage Anson AX425. The Unit salvaged many aircraft, includmg Anson, Hudson and Beaufort aircraft, from Victoria and surrounding areas.

On 11 Dec 1943, the unit moved lo Bohle River, Townsville, before deploying to Nadzab, Cape Gloucester, Noemfoor, Morotai and finally Labuan. While on these islands, personnel developed camp sites, and construcled a1rcraft workshops, buildings and runways. On 1 Jan 1945 the unit changed its name to No. 22 Repair and Servicing Unit. With the ~nd of the War, volunteers for an occupation force in Japan were called for and, on 30 Oct 1945, Japanese language lectures commenced assisted by a Jnpanese prisoner of war.

Unit Personnel


Content has come from Units of the Royal Australian Air Force - A Concise History - Volume 7 Maintenance Units - Australian Government Publishing Service - 1995 pages 96 & 97

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