No. 2 Flying Boat Repair Depot

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29 May 1945 Repairs being carried out on a SHort Sutherland aircraft AWM VIC1255

Brief History

No. 2 Flying Boat Repair Depot was formed at RAAF Station Rathmines, New South Wales, on 10 Feb 1943. The Depot carried out repairs, overhauls and modifications to flying boats. Catalina aircraft had camera installation, armament installation and armament modifications carried out by the Depot, and aircraft were camouflaged.

The Depot serviced a large variety of aircraft, including Catalina, Dolphin, Dornier, Seagull and Walrus aircraft from the RAAF, United Slates Navy and lhe Royal Navy. The Depot was involved in salvage operations of wrecked aircraft. The Depot disbanded on 26 Apr 1946.

Unit Personnel


Content has come from Units of the Royal Australian Air Force - A Concise History - Volume 7 Maintenance Units - Australian Government Publishing Service - 1995 page 58

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