No. 3 Air Observers School RAAF

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Brief History

This un1t was establisht>d at Port Pirie in South Australia, converted from No. 2 Bombing and Gunnery School on 9 Dec 1943. It provided training for aircrew in navigation and bombing skills, as well as running conversion courses for navigators who had been trained on other aircraft. Training was carried out in Ansons and Fairey Battles. The unit also had a number of WAAAF stationed there. On 7 May 1945 HRH The Duke of Gloucester visited.

Early in August 1945, 29 Ansons were transferred to stored reserve, consequently reducing the number of a1rcraft for training. With tlw announcement of the end of the war with Japan, victory was celebrated with the residents of Port Pirie. Approx 900 all ranks, RAAF and WAAAF, The disbandment of the unit was finally completed on 31 Jan 1946, with all personnel either posted or discharged.



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