No. 3 Personnel Depot RAAF

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Aerial view of RAAF Sandgate - AWM p00279.022

Brief History

Initially established as No 3 Embarkation Depot at RAAF Sandgate, in Brisbane. Constructed to house RAAF and WAAAF trainees, the barracks were pre fabricated and designed for ease of construction.

In April 1944, No.3 Embarkation Depot was re-designated No.3 Personnel Depot. The unit established a transit camp at the Rocklea Showgrounds in July. No.3 Personnel Depot was appointed the Sandgate RAAF Station’s parent unit on 6 Nov 1944. It held revised navigation and Morse code courses and lectures on first aid, administration and RAAF law. The unit trained airmen as airfield defence guards with bayonet and weapons training and live grenade throwing on an attached range. By 1945, WAAAF recruit training was undertaken at Brighton. At War’s end in September 1945, the Sandgate RAAF Station was converted from its training role into a RAAF demobilisation centre for returning air personnel. It closed on 29 January 1947.

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