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Brief History

No. 4 RAAF Hospital was formed at Sale, Victoria, on 7 May 1943 in buildings that were to be made fit for purpose. By 30 June 1943, most of the renovations to the buildings had been completed, except for a small number of connections for steam-operated equipment in the kitchen and sterilising rooms. There was, however, a considerable amount of furniture not yet delivered.

On 30 July 1943, nine patients were admitted to the RAAF ward at Gippsland Hospital, and with the arrival of critical equipment, No. 4 RAAF Hospital opened the same day. By 25 Aug 19443 the number of patients admitted totaled 124, with 76 being discharged. Special provision was made in small wards for infectious diseases. With the end of hostilities patient numbers began to decline, allowing the Hospital to be disbanded on 11 August 1946.


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It was re-raised post WW2 and was assigned to Malaysia at Penang and detachments to Vietnam durng that conflict.

Content has come from Units of the Royal Australian Air Force - A Concise History - Volume 9 Ancillary Units - Australian Government Publishing Service - 1995

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