RAAF School of Administration

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Brief History

This unit was established at the RAAF BAse Laverton on 9 Aug 1940 to train prospective Officers for the Admionistrative and Special Duties Branches. THe first course graduated on 13 Sep 1940. On 27 Dec 1941 the unit moved to Ascot Vale, remaining there until 21 Feb 1942 when it began the move to Melbourne University in Carlton.

In March 1943 the training expanded to include Cupher courses, and from May Unit Commander courses, along with a range of refresher courses. Between November and December 1944 the unit moved to Victor Harbour in South Australia, remaining there until September 1945 when the unit ceased to function after training 4,781 RAAF Officers and 619 WRAAF Officers.


Content has come from page 184 Units of the Royal Australian Air Force - A Concise History - Volume 8 Training Units - Australian Government Publishing Service - 1995

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