RMS Mooltan

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RMS Mooltan
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Name RMS Mooltan
Type Passenger Liner & Royal Mail Ship
Displacement 9,621 tons
Speed 18.5 knots


RMS Mooltan made a number of voyages from Australia to Egypt carrying nursing staff. Her original trip was with members of the 3rd Australian General Hospital, from Sydney on 15 May 1915.

She also carried other contingents of nurses. One trip departed Sydney on 22 Aug 1916, taking on more nurses at Adelaide on 24 Aug 1916, and Fremantle, on 28 Aug 1916. Her next trip departed Melbourne on 26 Dec 1916; the third and final trip departed Sydney on 12 Jun 1917, calling at Melbourne on 12 Jun 1917, Adelaide on 14 Jun 1917, and Fremantle on 18 Jun 1917 to take on other medical personnel.

Following the delivery of this last contingent of nurses from Australia to Alexandria (they were destined for Salonika in Greece), the Mooltan sailed for India with more than 300 nurses on board. Attacked by German submarine UC27 on 26 Jul 1917 near the entry to the Suez Canal it was sunk, although all nurses aboard were saved by the two escorting Japanese destroyers, the Kusonoki and the Ume. Two of the crew, however, lost their lives.

Soldiers carried

Fremantle to Egypt 24 May - ?? Jun 1915