SS Cap Verde

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Name SS Cap Verde
Builder/Built 1900 Flensberg Shipbuilding Co.
Type Cargo/passenger vessel
Displacement 5,909 tons
Speed 11.5 knots


Maiden voyage was from Hamburg to Buenos Aires and continued on this route until 1914. During the period 1914 - 1918 the ship remained in Hamburg. In May 1919 she was delivered to the United Kingdom as part of the reparation provisions of the Treaty of Versailles.

On 20 May 1922, the Hamburg-Süd bought back their old ship and renamed it "Madeira". In 1925 she was sold to a Brazilian shipping company who named her "Raul Soares" .

She then served in the mixed cargo and passenger service along the Brazilian coast until after the Second World War. In addition, she also carried out special trips for various tour operators, which lasted up to 60 days.

The last use of the ship took place in 1964, when the ship served as a floating prison during the Brazilian military dictatorship for seven months. On the now very old ship, political prisoners were held under unworthy conditions. She was scrapped in Rio de Janeiro in 1965.

Soldiers carried

England to Fremantle 8 January - 16 February 1920