SS Cleveland Abbe

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SS Cleveland Abbe
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Name SS Cleveland Abbe
Owner US Government
Builder Oregon Shipbuilding Company
Launched 31 Aug 1942
Completed 12 Sep 1942
Out of service 1946
Fate scrapped 1972
General characteristics
Type US Standard configuration Liberty Ship
Tonnage 13,910
Length 139.9m
Beam 19.2m
Depth 12.19m
Speed 15.5 knots (28.7 kph)


A Liberty ship built as a cargo vessel and named after American Meteorologist and advocate of Time Zones, Cleveland Abbe she was laid down on 24 Jul 1942. Cleveland Abbe was not converted as many were to carry up to 550 troops, so only carried small numbers of supernumeraries for short distances.

Known to have carried Australian soldiers to and from New Guinea and ports in northern Australia during 1943 as well as cargo between Darwin and Balikpapan in June 1945.

Following the cessation of hostilities the Cleveland Abbe was Laid up in the James River, Virginia as a unit in the National Defense Reserve Fleet. She was eventually scrapped in 1972 at Castellon.


  • 1 × single 5 in (130 mm) dual purpose gun mount
  • 4 × single 3 in (76 mm) dual purpose gun mounts
  • 10 × single 20 mm AA gun mounts (AF-11)

Soldiers carried

Port Moresby to Cairns 12 - 15 January 1943

Townsville to Milne Bay 17 - 21 January 1943