SS Field Marshall

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Name SS Field Marshall
Builder/Built 1903 Reiherstieg Schiffswerft, Hamburg
Type Imperial Mail Steamer (German) (twin screw)
Displacement 6,181 tons
Speed 13 Knots


Captured by the British at Dar es Salaam in 1916. Originally named Feldmarschall by its owners the Deutsche Ost-Afrika Linnie (German East Africa Line). Under British control managed by the Union Castle Mail Steamship Co Ltd. In 1928 sold to Ho Hong Steamship Co, Singapore, renamed Hong Kheng. In February 1942 the ship and crew escaped from Singapore, and served the Bombay - East Africa route during the war. Ran aground 19 Jul 1947 near Hong Kong and was wrecked.

Soldiers carried

Durban to Fremantle 1 - 13 May 1918