SS Karoa

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Name SS Karoa
Builder/Built 1915 Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd
Type passenger / cargo ship twin screw
Displacement 7,009 tons
Speed 15.5 knots


Built for the British India Shipping Company, and capable of carrying 44 1st class passengers, 64 second class, and 1,471 deck passengers in civilian use.

Requisitioned by the Admiralty for use as a troop ship in March 1915. Returned to its owners in 1919 before again being requisitioned in Sep 1940 for use as a Personnel and Military Store ship. In March 944 it was converted into a hospital ship and it was in this role that in 1945 the Karoa carried a load of Australian POWs home from Singapore.

Returned to her owners again in October 1946, before being broken up in Bombay during 1950.

Soldiers carried

England to Fremantle 28 April - 8 May 1919