SS Orita

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Name SS Orita
Builder/Built 1903 Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Type passenger / cargo (twin screw)
Displacement 9,266 tons
Speed 14 knots


Owned by the Pacific Steam Navigation Company. Orita was the largest liner sailing to South America when built. In 1919, made the second PSNCo voyage via Panama Canal, but remained on the east coast route for most voyages. Increasingly, most traffic was carried to Argentina, so the longer eastern route to Valaparaiso was more profitable than using the canal.

She had a successful, uneventful career, and was laid up in 1927 before being broken up in Morecambe in 1931 . She could accommodate 169 first class passengers, 111 second class, and 528 third class passengers. Carried a crew of 172.

Soldiers carried

Halifax to Liverpool 21 September - 3 October 1917