SS Thurland Castle

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SS Thurland Castle.jpg
New Zealand troops on SS Thurland Castle
Name SS Thurland Castle
Builder/Built 1929 Cammell Laird & Co Ltd, Birkenhead
Type Motor freighter
Displacement 6,732 tons
Speed 15 knots


The fourth of five ships of the same name built for the Lancashire Shipping Company. The SS Thurland Castle rescued 3,500 allied troops from Greece, including 1,000 wounded and 100 nurses. Although she was attacked several times and was taking on board water as a result of near misses, she safely reached Crete. Following makeshift repairs the Thurland Castle returned to Megara in Greece for another load of soldiers.

On 5 Sep 1943 she was in a Convoy which encountered heavy seas near the Hebrides where another ship the SS Urlana had been driven onto a rocky coast. With the aid of a Royal National Lifeboat all crew from the Urlana were rescued and boarded the SS Thurland Castle. In 1943 she was sold to Elder Dempster & Co, but retained her name until 1946 when she was renamed SS Fulani.

In 1958 she was scrapped at Odense in Denmark.

Soldiers carried

Megara, Greece to Suda Bay, Crete 25 - 26 April 1941