SS Winchester Victory

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SS Winchester Victory
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photo of Victory ship Type VC2-S-AP3
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SS Winchester Victory launching - Handley Regional Library Archives
Name SS Winchester Victory
Launched 13 Mar 1945
Completed 11 Apr 1945
In service April 1945
Fate unknown
General characteristics
Type cargo
Length 445 ft
Beam 63 ft
Propulsion Single screw
Speed 15 - 17 knots (27.8 - 31.5 km/h)
Capacity 62 crew plus 28 naval personnel to man guns


In 1943, the U.S. Maritime Commission embarked on a program to design new types of emergency fleet ships, most importantly fast cargo vessels, to replace the slower Liberty ships. 531 Victory ships were constructed with 97 of them converted as troop carriers. SS Winchester Victory's keel was laid on 30 Jan 1945, and she was completed and available for service on 11 Apr 1945. Sent to the Pacific, there are stories of civilian captives of the Japanese being carried between ports in the Netherlands East Indies as well as military POWs.

Along with SS Pomona Victory she was converted, and transferred to Compaguie Maritime Belge SA of Antwerp for service between the Belgian Congo and Antwerp. Title was transferred on 5 March 1947.

Soldiers carried

Ambon to Morotai ?? - 21 January 1946

Macassar to Brisbane via Thursday Island 3 - 13 February 1946


VC2-S-AP2 = Victory ship Cargo 2 = 400-440 feet in length; Steam; AP = Hull design, 3 conversion number