School of Military Engineering (Fortress)

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Brief History

The School of Anti Aircraft & Fortress Engineering was established at Chowder Bay in October 1939, and in May 1940 it was renamed Army School of Engineering, with a Field Engineeruing wing added at Casula. With growth in the Filed Engineering wing, the units HQ moved to Casula in September 1940 while the AA & Fortress wing remained at Chowder Bay. In july 1941 they became a separate unit, the School of Military Engineering (Fortress) with four wings> Fortress, Anti Aircraft, Camouflage, and Research.

When the AIF returned from Egypt, the RAE underwent a major re-organisation, and in May 1942 the unit became LHQ School of Military EWngineering (Fortress, Tadar & Anti Aircraft) and it moved to Georges Heights. In October 1942 the unit was renamed to LHQ School of Military Engineering (Fortress) Many fo the fortress engineering functions transferred to the Royal Australian Artillery in May 1943.



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