USAT Sea Ray

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USAT Sea Ray
SS Sea Ray.jpg
photo from 'Troopships of WW2' Ronald W Charles.
Name USAT Sea Ray
Owner Operated by Hawaiian Steamship Co.
Builder Western Pipe & Steel Co, San Francisco, California
Launched early 1944
Completed August 1944
In service August 1944
Out of service 1 Jul 1946
General characteristics
Type C3 Liberty ship
Tonnage 7,958 tons
Length 492' (150m)
Beam 69'6" (21.18m)
Depth 28'6" (8.69m)
Propulsion Turbine single screw
Speed 16.5 knots
Capacity 2,138 passengers


A C3 type vessel that was completed as a troopship at the building yard. She sailed from San Francisco in August 1944, returning in September. On 29 September she sailed for Milne Bay, Oro Bay and Hollandia, returning on 30 November to San Francisco. Of interest to us, on 20 December 1944 USAT Sea Ray departed for Finschhafen New Guinea, arriving there on 6 January 1945. She spent the ensuing seven months in the Southwest Pacific, having visited Hollandia, Leyte, Biak, Brisbane, Morotai and Finschhafen. She returned to San Francisco on 27 July 1945.

The Sea Ray sailed from San Francisco again on 22 August, and visited Ulithi Atoll, Manila, Subic Bay and Yokohama before she returned to San Francisco in late October. In December she departed for Saipan, Manila, Lingayen, Korea and Okinawa. Following her return to San Francisco on 5 March 1946, she sailed for New York, and from there to the Reserve Fleet where she was laid up on 1 July.

Soldiers carried

Brisbane to Morotai 13 - 24 March 1945

Brisbane to Morotai 10 - 22 April 1945

Brisbane to Morotai 10 - 22 May 1945

Brisbane to Morotai 15 - 24 June 1945