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Brief History

In the early months of the war, the Kit Store function was undertaken by individual units and by Camp staff. With the return of troops from the Middle East, experienced Kit Store staff were used to raise units in the states, including Western Australia where the WA HQ Australian Kit Store was formed in Perth in September. In October 1942 the Aust HQ Kit Store was established in Victoria to centralise control, with the WA unit now becoming D Sub Store, HQ Australian Kit Store with 6 Section, 9 Section and 11 Section servicing the 4th Infantry Division, 2nd Infantry Division, and 3rd Australian Corps respectively. In November 14 Section arrived with the 3rd Motorised Brigade Group and located at Northam to service units of the 1st Armoured Division. In November 1943 this unit moved to Brisbane after the armoured division was disbanded. 6 Section was absorbed in September 1944 while the rest of the sections continue to operate on a reduced scale until the end of the war.

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