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Brief History

The Works Training Unit was raised at Ascot Vale, Victoria, to train personnel in the use of machinery and in the techniques to be used by mobile works units (later known as airfield construction squadrons). In tlle first four courses, a high standard was attained, with only four failures out of the 86 who undertook the course, and thcse were due to the absence of the students on sick leave.

During December 1942, 400 airmen were posted to thc unit, where they were accommodated at Royal Park, pending the formation of 6 Mobile Works Squadron. With the planned establishment of 7 and 8 Mobile Works Squadrons, a further 357 members reported to the Works Training Unit. During January 1943, tractor driver (diesel). fitter (diesel) and motor grader operators courses were run. Also during March 1943, training commenced with 11 Works Supply Unit and 30 members of the United States Army, beginnmg a new phase of operation-loading equipment destined for North Western Area during April.

On 2 Aug 1943, the Unit transferred its headquarters to Wooloomanata. The school continued the training of plant operators and other specific trades required for the manning of airfield construction units until 29 Sep 1945, when it ceased to function as a training unit. The equipment was disposed of and the Works Training Unit disbanded on 25 Jan 1946

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Content has come from Units of the Royal Australian Air Force - A Concise History - Volume 8 Training Units - Australian Government Publishing Service - 1995 page 208

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