Armadale and Districts Roll of Honour

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COA2008-46 roll of honour lr.jpg
COA2008-46 roll of honour (Names).jpg
Monument Details
Name Armadale and Districts Roll of Honour
Location History House Museum, Armadale


This Roll is either a copy (with some errors) of the Memorial, or the Memorial was perhaps based on this Roll as the order of entries is almost exact.


Currently a copy hangs in the Admin area of the Armadale RSL, and another is held in the History House Museum.


A shell format was supplied to local organisations who have then loaded the names of local men and women into the shell. The Armadale edition contains 151 names in the same order as the names on the Armadale monument (with errors). A notable difference to the memorial is the lack of names of nurses on the memorial, despite them appearing on this document.

Monument Details




West Armadale


Those who died during their service are marked with an asterix († in the wiki).