HMAT A29 Suevic

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HMAT A29 Suevic.jpg
Courtesy AWM PO4754.001
Name HMAT A29 Suevic
Builder/Built 1901 Harland Wolff, Belfast
Type Passenger / refrigerated cargo ship
Displacement 12,531 tons
Speed 13.5 knots


Built for Oceanic Steam Navigation Co Ltd, Liverpool (White Star Line). Leased by the Commonwealth until 9 Sep 1917 when management was transferred to the British Admiralty. Completed six journeys from Australia with troops, and in 1918 brought home a load of sick and wounded men.

Soldiers carried

Portland to Fremantle 11 March - 22 April 1916

Fremantle to Plymouth 6 June - 21 July 1916

England to Fremantle 27 September - 12 November 1917

England to Melbourne 29 November 1918 - 5 January 1919