HMAT A67 Orsova

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HMAT A67 Orsova
HMAT A67 Orsova.jpg
State Library of South Australia Photo B 73282/7
Name HMAT A67 Orsova
Builder/Built 1909 John Brown & Co, Clydebank
Type Ocean Liner
Displacement 12,041 tons
Speed 18 knots


Owned by Pacific & Oriental Steam Navigation Co Ltd, of London. Could carry 280 first class, 130 second class, and 900 third class passengers. Leased by the Commonwealth from 1915 until 28 Feb 1917 (when her management was transferred to the British Admiralty), and made five voyages from Australia.

On 14 Mar 1917, while operating for the British Admiralty, at 4:50pm she was damaged by a torpedo fired by the German submarine U-68. Beached in Cornwall, she was towed to Devonport where she was repaired, but given the priority of other work repairs were not completed before the end of hostilities. In 1919 she resumed her UK - Australia route. (See SS Orsova for 1919 activities). Her last voyage was in 1936 before she was broken up in Scotland.

Soldiers carried

Fremantle to Port Suez 22 Jul - ?? Aug 1915

Melbourne to Port Suez 12 November - 8 December 1915

Melbourne to Suez 16 March - 14 April 1916

Melbourne to Plymouth 1 August - 14 September 1916