HMAT A71 Nestor

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Blue Funnel Line postcard
HMAT A71 Nestor troops.jpg
Soldiers preparing to board HMAT Nestor in Liverpool bound for Australia. 20th May 1919. AWM P11458.026.002
Name HMAT A71 Nestor
Builder/Built 1913 Workman Clark, Belfast
Type Passenger / cargo (twin screw)
Displacement 14,501 tons
Speed 14 knots


Built for A. Holt and Co, later the Ocean Steam Ship Co Ltd of Liverpool (Blue Funnel Line) and leased by the Commonwealth until 26 Jun 1917 when her management was taken over by the British Admiralty. Completed six voyages from Australia, mainly carrying reinforcement units to England.

During peace time (served during 2 wars) was usually on the UK - Australia run. Broken up for scrap in 1950 at Faslane.

Soldiers carried

England to Perth 22 July - 13 September 1917

Melbourne to Liverpool 28 February - 20 April 1918

England to Fremantle 12 December 1918 - 18 January 1919