HMHS Aquitania

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HMHS Aquitania.jpg
Name HMHS Aquitania
Builder/Built 1913 John Brown & Co, Clydebank
Type Ocean Liner (four screws)
Displacement 45,647 tons
Speed 23 knots


Owned by the Cunard Line and used on the Southampton-New York (1914) (1920–1939) (1945–1948); Southampton-Halifax (1948–1950) routes during peace time. In civilian use carried 618 first class passengers, 614 second class, 2,004 third class. These numbers were later reduced as standards changed.

During both world wars it served as a troopship.

List of soldiers carried

Mudros to England 18 - 22 September 1915

Mudros to England 21 - 27 October 1915