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Parkhouse camp No 4.jpg
Australian Army Service Corps camp
Parkhouse camps.jpg
Parkhouse No 4 camp horse lines.jpg
Horse lines at Army Service and Veterinary Corps No 4 camp


The Army Service Corps, Engineers, Signallers and Army Medical Corps were all located at the Parkhouse depot which was situated close to Tidworth. The Bulford hospital was over the other side of the hill.

While the AASC used camp number 4, the Army Medical Corps Training Depot was housed at camp Number 2.

The AASC Training Depot at Parkhouse was a particularly busy establishment. The depot not only trained and despatched 150 ASC reinforcements per month and conducted specialist officer and NCO training, it was also responsible for providing the supplies, transport and barracks services support for the AIF in the UK. Taking into account the AIF HQ, several hospitals, units of AFC and AIF depot complex, Parkhouse was responsible, on top of its training commitment, for the housing, feeding and transporting of about 50,000 men at any given time.

The school itself was set up with a transport and a supply wing, training about 150 reinforcements and reassignments a month, feeding them through the base support role for practical experience as well as manning the structure.

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