Reginald William Jordan

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Reginald William Jordan
Personal Information
Date of Birth 7 May 1906
Place of Birth London, England
Death 8 Feb 1978, aged 72
Place of Death Palmyra, Western Australia
Age at Enlistment 33 years, 9 months
Description 6' (1.83m) tall ; 154lbs
69.853 kg
; fair complexion ; blue eyes ; light brown hair ; tattoos both arms
Occupation Labourer
Religion Methodist
Address Seventh road, Armadale, Western Australia
Next of Kin Wife , Mrs. Elizabeth Annie Jordan
Military Information
Reg Number 16028
Date of Enlistment 4 Mar 1940
Rank Leading Aircraftman
Unit/Formation No. 10 Stores Depot RAAF (Maylands)
Post War Details
Medals Defence Medal
War Medal 1939-45
Australian Service Medal 1939-45

Pre War

Electoral Roll entries: 1943 at Seventh road, Armadale, labourer. They had four children - Constance Christina Elizabeth (b. 28 Feb 1933), Richard John (b. 27 Jul 1933), Doreen Joy (b. 20 Mar 1936) and Reginald William (b. 29 Sep 1939). He had 6 months employment prior to enlistment with the Armadale Roads Board (Armadale-Kelmscott Road Board) as a labourer. At enlistment he reported 4 years previous service with the British Territorial's 169th Battalion.

War Service

Reg was enlisted into the RAAF on 4 Mar 1940 at No. 4 RAAF Recruiting Centre, mustering as a Guard, and then attended the No. P8 Drill Course at No. 4 Recruit Depot RAAF. On completion he was posted to RAAF Base Pearce on 12 Apr 1940. On 1 Oct 1940 Reg was appointed a Leading Aircraftman, and on 27 May 1942 after a checkered time at Pearce he was transferred to the No. 4 Embarkation Depot RAAF in North Adelaide. His next move was to Birdum in the Northern Territory on 2 Sep 1942. Three days later he was posted to No. 77 Squadron RAAF at Batchelor, remaining with them when they moved to Livingstone NT on 16 Oct 1942, and Coomalie Creek on 13 Jan 1943.

On 27 Apr 1943 he had returned to Western Australia, having been posted to No. 5 Embarkation Depot RAAF at Subiaco on 27 Apr 1943. On 26 Jun 1943 he moved again, this time to the No. 9 Elementary Flying Training School RAAF at Cunderdin. However, on 11 Sep 1943 he had been returned to No. 5 Embarkation Depot RAAF which then posted him on 29 Jan 1944 to the No. 32 Radar Station RAAF on Rottnest Island. His final posting prior to discharge was the No. 10 Stores Depot RAAF Merredin from 5 Dec 1944 until 18 Oct 1945 when he returned to No. 5 Personnel Depot RAAF Subiaco who discharged him on 29 Oct 1945.

During his service Reg became familiar with formal authority and the Air Force Law Manual, having on a number of occasions been placed on 'the mat before the old man':

  • On 25 Oct 1940 at RAAF Base Pearce Reg was charged with being AWOL from 8:00am on 25 Oct 1940 until noon on 29 Oct 1940. Total absence of 4 days and 4 hours. He automatically forfeited 4 days pay and was awarded 14 days Confined to Barracks (CB).
  • On 7 Nov 1940 he was charged with 'Conduct to the prejudice of good order and Air Force discipline in that he failed to return to RAAF Base Pearce on the last bus 7 Nov 1940 when ordered to do so. He was awarded 7 days CB
  • On 11 Mar 1941 Conduct to the prejudice of good order and Air Force discipline in that at Pearce on 11 Mar 1941 while a living-out member, obtained a meal at the Airman's Mess without previously paying for the same by purchasing a meal ticket. His award was 7 days CB.
  • On 16 Jan 1942, again at RAAF Base Pearce Reg faced two charges. 1) As NCO of the Bore Guard, without orders from his superior officer left his guard; and 2) Leaving his place of duty without permission at 10:00pm 16 January and remaining absent until apprehended by Service Police at 5:30pm on 17 January. He was Severely Reprimanded and forfeited a days pay.
  • On 22 Feb 1942 at RAAF Base Pearce Reg was AWOL failing to report for duty at noon on 22 Feb 1942, and remained absent until 5:00pm on 23 Feb 1942. He was admonished and forfeited 2 days pay.
  • On 28 May 1942 at No. 4 Embarkation Depot RAAF in North Adelaide Reg was charged with being 1)AWOL from 11:59pm on 28 May 1942 until 12:30am on 29 May 1942 (39 minutes) and 2)Conduct to the prejudice of good order and Air Force discipline in that at 4 E.D. he made an entry in the Leave Book at the main gate knowing it to be false. He was Severely Reprimanded.
  • On 24 Dec 1943, while a Corporal, a District Court Martial found that at No. 5 Embarkation Depot RAAF on 24 Dec 1943 when NCO of the Guard, without necessity quit his place of duty. For this he was reduced to the ranks, with the finding confirmed the following day.
  • On 26 Dec 1943 at No. 5 Embarkation Depot RAAF, Reg failed at appear at the Warrant Officer Discipline's Office at 9:00am on 27 Dec 1943 earning him a Severe Reprimand.
  • On 18 Jul 1944 AWOL from RAAF Unit Rottnest Island (No. 32 Radar Station RAAF from 11:00am on 18 July until 4:00pm on 20 Jul 1944. Forfeited 2 days pay and was awarded 14 days CB
  • On 27 Jul 1944 when a Leading Aircraftman, and posted to No. 32 Radar Station RAAF Reg was found to have been AWOL from 11:00am on 18 July until 4:00pm on 20 July 1944. The result was an automatic forfeiture of 2 days pay and 14 days CB.
  • On 4 Dec 1944 at No. 32 Radar Station RAAF charged with being AWOL from 6:00pm 2 Dec 1944 until 8:00pm on 2 Dec 1944, earning him an extra 3 Guard Duties.
  • On 13 Feb 1945 as a Leading Aircraftman at No. 6 Replenishing Centre RAAF , Reg again was AWOL, this time from Noon 13 Feb 1945 until 2:00pm on 15 Feb 1945. He automatically forfeited 3 days pay and earned another 14 days CB.
  • On 17 Aug 1945 Reg was convicted in the Merredin Police court for causing a disturbance and for using threatening, abusive and insulting language. Total fine was £3/-/- with 16/- costs.

Post War

During 1960 Reg married Lillian Joyce Cunningham in Fremantle. Lillian died on 9 Nov 1989 aged 78.

Children from his first marriage on 25 May 1932 to Elizabeth Annie were: Constance Christine Elizabeth b. 28 Feb 1933; Richard John b. 27 Jul 1934; Doreen Joy b. 20 Mar 1936; Reginald WIlliam b. 29 Sep 1939.

Electoral Roll entries: 1958 at 28 De Lisle street, North Fremantle, timber worker; 1963 - 1977 at 195 Marmion street, Palmyra. millhand.


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