SS Kenilworth Castle

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SS Kenilworth Castle.jpg
Name SS Kenilworth Castle
Builder/Built 1904 Harlnd & Wolff, Belfast
Type Passenger Liner
Displacement 12,974 tons
Speed 16.5 knots


Built to carry 255 first class passengers, 269 second class, and 270 third class. Requisitioned in 1914 as a troop ship, sometimes used as a hospital ship.

On 4 Jun 1918 off Plymouth she collided with a British destroyer HMS Rival while zig-zagging. Safely making it into Plymouth she then sank on a mud bank. In 1919 she returned to the mail service to Africa.

Soldiers carried

Southampton to Durban 12 March - 23 April 1918

Sailed on 18 March 1918. In Durban the returning soldiers transferred to the SS Field Marshall for the voyage to Fremantle.