Caroline Fancote

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Caroline Fancote
FANCOTE Charles Caroline Sarah Alice Thomas Edward Charles Lila Jean North.JPG
Headstone Information
Date of Birth 28 May 1849
Age at Death 66 years
Additional Names Charles Fancote (St Mary-in-the-Valley)
Sarah Alice Fancote
Thomas Fancote
Edward Charles Fancote
Lila Jean Fancote
Transcription Charles beloved husband of Caroline Fancote. Died: 24thOctober1899. Age: 72 Years.Also Caroline dearly beloved wife of the above. Who departed this life 13 September 1915. Age: 66 years. Also Sarah Alice beloved daughter of the above. Died: 20 November 1900. Age: 13 Years. Also Thomas beloved son of the above Died: 1 April 1903. 29 Age: Years. God takes the loved one from our homes but never from our hearts. But never from our hearts. Also Edward Charles Fancote grandson of Charles and Caroline. Loved husband of Jean father of Leslie, Rodney, Beverley. Died: 3RD June 1987. Age: 78 Years. Our Loved one at rest also Lila Jean Fancote. Loved wife of Ted. Died: 10 February 1999.Age: 81 Years. Together in Gods garden.
Grave Details
Burial Date 13 September 1915