Thomas Fancote

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Thomas Fancote
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Headstone Information
Date of Birth 29 January 1874
Age at Death 29 years
Additional Names Charles Fancote (St Mary-in-the-Valley)
Caroline Fancote
Sarah Alice Fancote
Edward Charles Fancote
Lila Jean Fancote
Transcription Fancote. Charles beloved husband of Caroline Fancote died 24th October 1899 aged 72 years. Also Caroline dearly beloved wife of the above who departed this life 13th Sept 1915 aged 66 years. Also Sarah Alice beloved daughter of the above died 20th Nov 1900 aged 13 years. And Thomas beloved son of above died 1st April 1903 aged 29 years. "God takes the loved ones from our homes but never from our hearts".

Early Life

Thomas was born on 29 January 1874. His father was Charles Fancote and his mother was Caroline Fancote (nee Buckingham).


Thomas died at the age of 29 years on 1 April 1903. He never married.