2/8th Australian Field Ambulance

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Medical Ward at Brunei Bay, North Borneo AWM 1 34862
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Name 2/8th Australian Field Ambulance
Where formed Wayville, South Australia
Date formed July 1940
Locations Khassa (Palestine), Ghemines (Libya), Tobruk, Julis (Palestine), Hill 69, Aleppo (Syria), Kafr Hazir, Tripoli, El Alamein, Kairi (Queensland), Milne Bay PNG, Lae, Finschaffen, Katika, Godowa, Ravenshoe (Qld), Morotai, Brunnei.

General Information

Once formed, they moved to Woodside in October 1940 and then quickly prepared for overseas service, embarking on 29 Dec 1940 for Palestine, disembarking there on 30 Jan 1941. Their first base was Khasa, but in March 1941 were a part of the force sent into Cyrenaica (Libya) with the entry of Italy into the war. With the advance of German forces they withdrew during April 1941 as far as Tobruk where they remained for 6 months during the siege. Relieved on 25 October 1941, they were next based at Julius in Palestine, before moving to Hill 69 in December.

On 14 Jan 1942 the 2/8th moved to Aleppo in northern Syria, in March to Kafr Hazir, and in May to Tripoli, before moving back to Egypt on 3 Jul 1942 where they were part of the break out force that rolled the Germans back from El Alamein in October 1942. In January 1943 they were amongst the last troops to return to Australia, embarking on 23 Jan 1943, and disembarking in Sydney on 23 Feb 1943. After some leave they established themselves in April 1943 at Kairi in Queensland after leave was taken.

On 26 Jul 1943 they embarked in Cairns for Milne Bay, disembarking on 30 Jul 1943 where they were in support of the 20th Infantry Brigade. In September they landed at Lae in the first wave of troops ashore. They were active at Finschhafen, and then in November 1943 they supported the 24th Infantry Brigade at Godowa as it move along the coast to Masawang in December. Sent back to Australia for a rest, in October 1944, they enjoyed leave and then reassembled at Ravenshoe in Queensland. In Apr 1945 they were again on the move, this time to Morotai in support of the 20th Infantry Brigade. Embarking in Townsville on 26 Apr 1945, they disembarked at Morotai on 4 Apr 1945, where forces were assembling for the invasion of Borneo. On 3 June they embarked in Morotai, and disembarked on 10 June at Brunei. They remained there until the conclusion of the war, leaving for Australia on 30 Oct 1945.




Godowa, New Guinea

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