75th Australian Camp Hospital

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Name 75th Australian Camp Hospital
Where formed Claremont, Western Australia
Date formed 1939
Locations Claremont Mental Hospital, Exmouth

General Information

The 75th Australian Camp Hospital was raised at Claremont in November 1942 with 60 beds and several sections able to be detached to provide RAP level services to isolated units. The military took over a section of the Claremont Mental Hospital, a section known then as either "Davies Road Annex", "Davies Road Service Block" or "Military Block". In March 1943 a Section of the hospital was detached to Exmouth, and in June other sections were located at Fremantle, Garden Island and Guildford. The Fremantle Section moved to Merredin in July, and in August to Nungarin. By September 1943 the various locations were managing a total of 120 beds, including a section at the Marrinup POW camp. Unit Headquarters moved from Claremont to Karrakatta in January 1944 and then to Fremantle in June 1945.

Post war the Mental Health Service resumed control of the facility and used it to accommodate ex-servicemen with psychiatric disorders. Lemnos Hospital in Shenton park was also used for ex-service personnel.



Guildford Detachment