David Gordon

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David Gordon
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Personal Information
Date of Birth 31 Aug 1915
Place of Birth Boulder, Western Australia
Description 5'4" (1.63m) tall ; ; dark complexion ; brown eyes ; dark hair ; scars on face, burns
Occupation Labourer
Religion Roman Catholic
Address Albany road, Kelmscott, Western Australia
Next of Kin Sister , Miss. Jessie Wheeler
Military Information
Reg Number W10843, WX23206, WX37138, and WX37159)
Date of Enlistment 3 Mar 1941
Rank Sapper
Unit/Formation 13th Australian Army Troops Company
Military Movement
1st Departure from Australia
Journey Dates 9 Apr 1946 ‒ 26 Apr 1946
Transport Details HMAS Manoora Sydney to Kure, Japan
Return to Australia
Journey Dates 22 Jun 1947 ‒ 5 Jul 1947
Transport Details HMAS Kanimbla Kure, Japan to Sydney
2nd Departure from Australia
Journey Dates 11 Sep 1947 ‒ 29 Sep 1947
Transport Details HMAS Manoora Sydney to Kure, Japan
Return to Australia
Journey Dates 2 Feb 1949 ‒ 18 Feb 1949
Transport Details HMAS Westralia Kure, Japan to Sydney
Post War Details
Fate Remained in Australia during ww2
Served with BCOF Japan
Medals Defence Medal
War Medal 1939-45
Australian Service Medal 1939-45
Australian Service Medal 1945-75

Pre War

War Service

On 3 Mar 1941 David voluntarily joined the CMF, with Army Number W10843. He was sent to the Melville Camp to undergo basic training, and then on 26 May 1941 he was sent on a course for Equipment Repairers at the Ordnance Workshop in East Perth where he qualified as a TG III Equipment Repairer. Having completed the course David returned to Melville on 14 Jun 1941 and on 19 Dec 1941 he was called up for full time service and posted to the 28th Australian Infantry Battalion (The Swan Regiment). (NOK at the time was his brother Bill). On 4 Jan 1942 he was detached to the Western Command Training School until 25 Jan 1942.

On 7 Mar 1942 David began an Armourer's Course, during which he was admitted ill to the 110th Australian Base Hospital from 19 - 21 Apr 1942. He was admitted to the hospital again on 14 May 1942, returning to his course on 7 Aug 1942. Armourer's Course completed, on 3 Sep 1942 he returned to the battalion. From 14 - 17 Sep 1942 he was treated by a Main Dressing Station, before returning to the battalion until 12 Jan 1943 when he joined the 2nd AIF, and was allocated a new Army Number of WX37159. This time his NOK was his Sister Elinor Gordon who lived in Armadale road, Kelmscott. From 17 - 20 February and from 24 February until 1 Mar 1943 he spent time with the Main Dressing Station, ill.

On 3 Mar 1943 David entrained in Perth for Adelaide, arriving there on 9 Mar 1943. On 25 Mar 1943 he entrained for the Northern Territory, arriving there on 28 March, remaining there with the 28th Battalion until 14 Apr 1944 when he was transferred to the Western Command Recruit Reception & General Details Depot to be discharged on 2 May 1944 for Essential Services.

On 26 Mar 1945 David enlisted as WX23206 at Karrakatta and on 7 Apr 1945 he was transferred to the Australian Recruit Training Centre in New South Wales. On 7 Jun 1945 he was admitted to the 11th Australian Camp Hospital, who quickly transferred him on to the 113th Australian General Hospital at Concorde to treat Cellulitis of his left knee. David was discharged to rejoin his unit on 28 Jul 1945.

On 3 Aug 1945 David was posted to the 5th Australian Recruit Training Battalion before being transferred to the 1st Australian Infantry Training Battalion. Training completed, on 17 Sep 1945 he was transferred to the NSW Line of Communication General Details Depot to be re-assigned. On 10 Oct 1945 David was posted to the 26th Australian Works Company. On 6 Nov 1945 he was charged with having been AWOL from 10:00am on 2 Nov 1945 until 10:00 on 5 Nov 1945. Fined £1 and forfeited 3 days pay. On 17 Nov 1945 he was again charged with having been AWOL, this time from 1:30pm 16 Nov 1945 until 7:30am on 17 Nov 1945. Fined £2, and forfeiture of a days pay.

On 29 Nov 1945 David was detached to the 5th Australian Ordnance Vehicle Park, before returning to the 26th Australian Works Company. He was then transferred on 11 Feb 1946 to Western Command Recruit Reception & General Details Depot enroute to Japan. While with them, he spent 18 - 9 Feb 1946 in the Swanbourne Camp Hospital. On 16 Feb 1946 David was posted to 16th Australian Infantry Training Brigade.

On 9 Apr 1946 David embarked on HMAS Manoora in Sydney for Kure in Japan where he disembarked on 26 Apr 1946. On arrival he was posted to the 13th Australian Troops Company. On 31 Aug 1946 David was admitted to the 80th British General Hospital with Gonnohoea returning to his unit on 4 Sep 1946 before being admitted to the 92nd Indian General Hospital with an infection. On 22 Jun 1947 David embarked on the HMAS Kanimbla in Kure for Sydney where he disembarked on 5 Jul 1947 and proceeded to Western Australia on leave. On 9 Sep 1947 David was charged with 'Conduct to the prejudice of good order and military discipline, and was fined £1 (4days pay).

David was back in Sydney by 11 Sep 1947 when he embarked on HMAS Manoora for Kure in Japan, disembarking there on 29 Sep 1947. On 26 Jan 1948 David was admitted to the 130th Australian General Hospital, rejoining his unit on 5 Feb 1948. From 5 Mar 1948 until 19 Mar 1948 David was again a patient of the 130th Australian General Hospital.

On 15 Apr 1948 he was again in trouble, this time he faced three charges and his punishment was £3 fine and 14 days Confined to Barracks (CB). Over the next 7 months he faced charges relating to six relatively minor misdomeanors, for which he was fined a total of £6 and was awarded 41 days Confined to Barracks. Finally on 2 Feb 1949 he embarked on HMAS Westralia at Kure for Sydney, disembarking there on 18 Feb 1949. Transferred to Western Command Recruit Reception & General Details Depot he was discharged on 4 Mar 1949.

Post War


In the various enlistment documents David's birthdate is listed as either 30 Aug 1915 or 31 Aug 1915. His NOK for some are his Brother, and for others it is his Sister.

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